Before you decide to buy a guinea pig, you must already have a cage at home. One pig should have at least a one square meter of space. The pig’s cage should not be painted (choose a galvanized cage) or made of wood, because wood absorbs humidity.

1. A Wooden House – It Provides Shelter and is Used as A Teether. 

Although wood absorbs urine, a house can be made of this material. It should have a flat roof, so that pigs can sit on itSome pigs spend a lot of time sitting on the roof. It may happen, that your pig piss in the corners of the house. When it happens the house smells bad and it doesn’t look nice. You should wash it or, in an extreme case, exchange it. We recommend a stone flower pot as a house for the piggy. It has a flat roof and doesn’t absorb humidity.

2. A water bottle 

We don’t advise to give pigs water in a bowl. They will turn it over quickly, and you will be forced to do an extra cleaning. The water bottle eliminates this problem, although it might happen that you buy a defective one. You should check whether water is leaking from it. The leaky water bottle will wet bedding. You may mistakenly think your piggy started to pee more. The water bottle should be the first thing you check, when the bedding in the cage is too wet.

3. A Hay Rack 

It is necessary in the cage. Don’t put hay for the piggy directly on the bedding. Your pig may pee on it, and wetted hayis not only wasted but smells quitebad. Additionally, climbing and searching for treats is a great entertainment for a piglet.

4. A Feeding Bowl 

Choose bowls with a broad base, so that pigs can’t knock them over (some pigs do it on purpose, so that they can look for the best bits easier). Bowls made of plastic are better of course than wooden ones, because a pig might pee in a bowl.

5. Wood Shavings, Wood Pellets or Fleecebedding. 

Wood shavings are the most popular type of bedding, but they are not very absorbent, so you have to clean quite often. Wood pellets are better in this matter, but they are less comfortable for your pet. A combinations of these two kinds of bedding is a good solution. You can put some pellets in the spots in which your guinea pig pees the most, and shavings in the other parts of the cage.
The fleece is very comfortable – soft and absorbent. It’s less expensive than wood shavings and pellets, because it’s reusable.

Additionally Buy a Guinea Pig Carrier.

Don’t buy a litter tray. Piglets are usually peeing in corners of the cage, but it’s not a rule. They are even able to move their house, when they want to organize the toilet for themselves behind it. 


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