Guinea Pig Grooming and Hygiene

It is necessary to do few things regularly and the piglet will be always clean and smell nice.

Cleaning The Cage 

– Once a month you should do a thorough cleaning – clean the entire cage and accessories;
– Change the entire bedding once a week and wipe the bottom of the cage with a wet handkerchief;
– It is necessary to change dirty bedding and throw out excrements and leftovers of food every day.

It is often said, that guinea pigs stink – it isn’t true. If you do the cleaning regularly you will avoid an unpleasant smell.

Cutting Claws

You should buy a claws clipper. 

Your guinea pig’s claws should be cut every month. It requires a little bit of skills and sometimes it is necessaryto ask somebody for help, because piggies don’t like this treatment, and they may struggle a lot. In such case someone should hold the pig while you are cutting its claws
Below it is presented, how to cut the claws. You can see a proper cutting line – green dashed line. Be careful not to cut the quick!


It isn’t necessary to bath your guinea pig. Some people recommend to wash it once a month. In my opinion you should bath the piggy only when it is really needed, especially that guinea pigs don’t like it. 
Sometimes it happens that the piggy stinks. It may be caused by different reasons. 
If the pig gets terribly dirty …. a bath is necessary.

You should wash the pig in slightly warm water. You may use a shampoo for babies or special one for animals. I use a shampoo for babies.

Sometimes pigs are scare of a hair drier, but it’s a splendid solution in the winter. If you don’t use the drier, you should hold the wet pig in a dry towel for a while. You can put slightly wet pig into the cage and move the cage closer to a heater.


Cutting and combing fur

Only long-haired piggies require cutting and combing fur. You should use a special brush or a comb. You should not allow for tangling up and overgrowth the fur.

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