Growing Up

After The Birth

A piggy is born with fur and it is a size of a mandarin. The moment after it is licked by its motherlittle piggy starts to look around. A few hours after the birth, she starts going out of the house and touring the cage.
Little pigs have disproportionately big paws and head compared to the rest of their body. With time
however, body proportion will change to the benefit of the backside.

A Few First Days

Little pigs are very brave and curious about the world. After a few days they start eating solid food, although they still drink milk from their momfor anotherthreeweeks. Their walk is clumsy and sometimes they fall down. 

The First Month

About 3-4 week old pigs should stop drinking mother’s milk. They are already quite big. They reach the size of over half the length of the mother’s body.

They love to play and chase each other. They jump funny and they wave their little heads. Males start to show an interest in females at the age of three weeks, although the females don’t want to play this type of games.

When a pig reaches the age of one month, it is a perfect moment to give it away to new owner, if we don’t want to keep it.

Between the First and The Third Month

Females achieve sexual maturity in the second month of their life, and males in the third month (officially). However, it can happen that our little piggy will be ready for breeding at the age of one month. That’s why you should separate males from mother and sisters, when males reach age of one month. Around the second month little pigs start calming down. They become less energetic. They sit and lie more than jump and run around the cage. If we want to sterilize males, we must wait until they reach the age of three months. Only then they are big enough and have well developed testicles. The vet won’t do this earlier anyway.

After the Third Month

Pigs have already reached sexual maturity; still grow, but very slowly. A pig can grow until it’s six months old. 

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