How to Determine Gender on Guinea Pig?

How to Tell Your Guinea Pig Sex? 

It is quite simple, against information, we usually find! You can even tell the sex of a few days old little piggy. When the piglet reaches the age of about two weeks, sex determination shouldn’t cause any problems. You just need to know, what things you should pay attention to. 

Two Weeks Old Guinea Pig

In the pictures bellow reproductive organs of two weeks old piggies are described (of the girl and the boy).

“Hollows” of sex organs of a female guinea pig are in shape of letter “Y”.

In the drawing and picture of a boy, you can see a small ball (yes – it is an element which you are thinking of) from which a vertical line extends.

One Month Guinea Pig

There are not many differences between one month old pigs sex organs and two week old ones, although they are bigger.

The girl’s proportion of hollows is changing a bit – the vertical line of the letter “Y” is much shorter. Only diagonal lines are clearly visible.

The boy’s penis is much better visible.

Three-Months Old Guinea Pig

Reproductive organs of three months old individuals are already fully developed. 

There is no difference comparing to the one month old piggy. 

You can see well-developed testicles.

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