Guinea pigs are known as docile and nice animals, which basically is true, although you have to remember that they have very strong personality. 

Piglets are very curious animals. They love to explore and they are quite brave. A pig may go to unknown dangerous place, after being put on the floor, so remember to make sure the surroundings is safe for it. Pigs rather don’t bite cables, but they love to chew carpets. It will pee everywhere it wants. If your pig notices you are angry, next time it will pee in a corner, so that nobody can see it (pig’s urine can damage floor varnish).

Guinea pigs are quite intelligent. Some people even teach their piggies tricks, I don’t do it. 

Some pigs respond to their name. They also can react to specific sounds, connected with preparing food (for example: sound of running water). 

It is possible to play with the little piggy. For example: some piggies like to bite a string stretched horizontally. Most piggies like to be taken out of the cage, but they aren’t always in mood for it. When a pig doesn’t want to leave the cage, it will run into its house. An untamed piggy always runs away. 

Pigs demand caresses and like to “tour” their owner’s body. Glasses are fascinating for them. Pigs lick fingers and unfortunately they bite clothes. 

It is important to get to know your piggy, which usually tries to communicate with you. Some pigs warn when they want to pee. They can signal it by whining or squirming. 

Aggressive guinea pigs are very hard to find. Aggression is usually caused by a lack of domestication. Feral pigs can even bite to blood. Tamed pigs don’t bite so hard. If a guinea pig is treated well, it won’t bite her owner, but will show dissatisfaction with whining and trying to break free. 

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