Guinea Pig Breeding

We don’t recommend breeding guinea pigs. There are usually no problems during pregnancy and delivery, but bringing the younger generation up may be troublesome.

If you get a pig with a “surprise”….you must know some facts. Below we are presenting some information for future “parents”.

Basic information 

Pregnancy lasts 8-10 weeks and it is notvisible until the end of the fifth week. The pregnancy can be dangerous, if the pig is over a year old and it is its first pregnancy. Bones of a pelvis cannot spread enough – in this age they are firmly joined (if the piggy didn’t give a birth before). In this case you should go to a vet. Only a doctor can help. 

How to Tell Your Guinea Pig is Pregnant? 

If you have doubts, whether you are dealing with pregnancy, or perhaps your pig simply grew fat, at first you can check its belly. If it’s a fat issue, guinea pigs tummy will be soft in touch. If piggy is pregnant, its belly will seem to be “stuffed” and strained – you may feel like touching a balloon. Moreover during the pregnancy piggy’s sides also grow. During three last weeks you may see babies moving and even hear them. Of courseif you want to be sure, go to a vet to do the ultrasound scan.

Before the Birth 

Three to four weeks preceding the delivery, the expectant mother should be separated from other pigs. During last weeks you shouldn’t take the guinea pig out from the cage, in order not to harm babies. You can pat her. During pregnancy you should feed your piggy normally, although you can give her a little bit more food(even overfeed her). The piggy will demand more food. 

Birth and After The Birth 

Labor is very quick (usually a few minutes), mainly at night. The pig won’t show any signs of an upcoming delivery. There won’t be a big mess after, guinea pig as every rodent, eats the placenta. After the birth, little pigs should spend time only with their mother. They should not be taken out of the cage, till they are two weeks old. The mother can reject them, if someone else’s smell is on them. Smell of her owner on her children doesn’t disturb her very much. The pig looks after her children, she feeds and licks them. However, she isn’t too possessive and isn’t much upset, when one of her babies is missing for a moment. 

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