Where Can You Buy A Pig?

The best way is adopting a piggy from a shelter. It’s the best way to get any pets Shelters are run by real enthusiasts of animals, what guarantee, that we will get a healthy pig without the surprise inside :).

In some pet shops, pigs are treated like an object – like any other article in the shop. Before you buy a pig in a pet shop, make sure that the seller has basic knowledge about them. We should be given information about feeding, care, and the most important thing – the seller has to know how to tell the sex of a guinea pig. Don’t believe it’s difficult, it’s not true (on our website: PHYSIQUE – How to determine gender?). Moreover, in bad pet shops pigs of both sexes are kept together too long, and when you choose a female piggy, it is possible to get a pregnant one. Before buying a pig, choose a good pet shop.

We don’t advise buying guinea pigs in a street market, because they usually come from uncontrolled breeding. These pigs are more often ill and they aren’t provided with neither a vet care, nor a well-balanced diet. There is a high probability that you buy a pregnant pig.

Nowadays, such breeding facilities are liquidated, often successfully. However, there are people who don’t care about animals they breed. Buying guinea pigs from this kind of breeders is, in my opinion a kind of animal abuse. Pets should not be bred in such conditions.

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